The Tiny Home Trend Continues with Tiny Sheds

Today more and more people across Washington and Oregon are considering downsizing their homes to get the most out of life. Tiny homes are affordable and appealing to a growing number of enthusiasts for several reasons in addition to downsizing, but their use as tiny sheds is also gaining a loyal following because they offer the same benefits with a few added perks. Read on to learn more!


Shed Cabin Benefits


Of course purchasing a tiny house with Willamette Valley Structures means that you can own your very own home for less than you ever dreamed. However, think about the added flexibility you’ll have when starting that new expansion project or adding a shed cabin to your property. Not only do you have the perfect spot to store all of your tools and maintenance equipment for the build, when the job is done you have the choice of continuing to use it for storage or turning it into a nice guest house.


Tiny homes have numerous space saving tricks that you can utilize to your full advantage. If your shed cabin has a loft or other areas not filled with insulation, you can build in shallow floor storage to maximize the space. You can also do the same with seating areas by using top lift couches, side drawers and shelves to effectively add more storage in a stylish way.


Using the home’s available closet space is another great way to get the most storage for the space available. Consider adding in shelves for the closet in the main room and you have the perfect little tool shed inside of your shed home. Don’t forget under the stairs – closets, pullouts and drawers are all popular ways to utilize the under-stair storage. The great thing about this space is that you can hide as much of the storage area as you want by either covering the cubbies with doors, or leaving them open.


An Added Bonus for Tiny Sheds


Having electricity and running water is another huge plus. Access to a dry structure that you can use in the event of unplanned inclement weather or to quickly whip up a nice lunch for you and your helpers is nearly invaluable itself. Long weekends working on the property can be so much more productive and enjoyable when you aren’t spending time back and forth on the road and wasting money sleeping in hotel rooms.


Of course you are limited only by your imagination for how you utilize your new storage space as well as your options for its future. Whether you continue to use it for storage, turn it into a fishing or hunting cabin, make it into a guest house or come up with your own unique idea, a tiny house can be the perfect addition to your property.


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