The Pros of Owning a Prefabricated Shed

If you have a lot of tools, lawn equipment, and other belongings, a shed is a great option to choose for storage. While you can buy or build your own shed, there are some significant advantages to purchasing a prefabricated shed that you should be aware of. So join us today as we discuss the pros of prefab versus building your own shed.


Disadvantages of Building a Shed

While you have maximum control over the design when you build your own shed, having a professional complete the project can be costly and time-consuming. Generally, professional installers have multiple projects going on at the same time and they simply may not fully dedicate themselves to your particular project. While you may well have more creative control, you’ll be required to put in a great deal of time and effort for the project and you should be prepared to see it through to the very end, which will require some organization and careful planning.

If you build one yourself as a DIY project, you’ll only have to pay for the materials and tools but depending on your selections and contents of your toolbox, this method can be quite expensive. When it comes to sheds, wood is the most aesthetically pleasing material to use, but also the most expensive and difficult to use. Wood sheds require sturdy foundations, which can be a daunting step in the building process and they need added protection to repel fungus, insects, rot and weather damage. Metal sheds are much cheaper and aren’t susceptible to fire, fungus and insect damage. However, cheaper metal will rust over time and while aluminum sheds are resilient to rust, they are considerably more expensive to build. In general, metal sheds aren’t very aesthetically pleasing and with protruding metal containing sharp corners, they aren’t ideal for homes with small children.


Advantages of Prefabricated Sheds

First and foremost, prefab sheds are more affordable than ever and while you may have to spend a bit more than a DIY project, the savings on time, effort and frustration can be priceless. In addition, when your prefabricated shed is built by the professionals at Willamette Valley Structures, you can take comfort in knowing that it will be built properly.

With a prefabricated shed, there’s no impossible to understand directions. Some instructions are so difficult to decipher that it’s impossible to figure out which one is the English and which is the Spanish versions. After wrestling with impossible instructions, a project that should’ve only taken you 5 to 6 hours take weeks – or never gets completed at all. If you do finally finish the project, was it built correctly? For any inexperienced builder a shed can be a difficult DIY project and if it’s not constructed properly, your investment could be totally wasted.


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