The Benefits of Treated Wood Sheds

There are several things to consider when you’re thinking about getting a new shed – With one of the main things being do you want a wood shed or a metal one? While both types have their advantages and many times it is simply a matter of personal preference, there are several benefits of treated wood sheds that may help you decide.


What are the Pros to Owning a Treated Wood Shed?


First and foremost, treated wood sheds generally look more appealing than a traditional metal shed. Many enjoy decorating them with flower boxes and potted plants, or an American flag flying over the door. Treated wood sheds are available with windows and shutters that can make the structure appear to be a perfect extension of your home. If you need more storage space, the option of selecting a two-story models is another pro of selecting a wood shed and they are durable enough to protect your belongings in weather conditions all year long. You can also select a wood shed with a roof style that coordinates with the roof on your home as they are now available with a variety of roof styles including A-frame and barn roofs.


Sheds that are untreated tend to deteriorate much faster than those treated with preservatives and untreated sheds are more susceptible to damage as time goes on. Your shed plays a vital role in keeping your items safe, ie tools, equipment, machinery that’s susceptible to weather, mulch, compost and everything else needed to take care of your property. With so many valuable items in storage, as the years go by you don’t want to have to worry about the state of your shed. The chemicals used pressure treatment process creates a barrier and shield that will allow your shed to last for years to come. You need a shed that will fulfill all of your storage needs without the fear of exposing the contents to the ill effects of mother nature.


Additionally, treated wood sheds are low maintenance. Basically, all of the shed’s maintenance needs were taken care of during the pressure treatment process. Some people think that a wood shed will attract carpenter ants, termites and other wood-eating pests and while some pests are indeed attracted to wood, the preservatives firmly ingrained into the very core of the wood itself make the structure impervious to water, pests, termites, etc. Unlike the worry you’d have with an untreated wood shed, treated wood sheds can withstand all types of weather conditions, dampness from the ground, and various other conditions. Once your pressure treated shed has been installed, you can basically rest at ease and enjoy your time out in the yard or garden.


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