Put the Utility in Custom Utility Shed

A utility shed is often thought to be a simple, box for holding various totes and yard tools we’d rather not keep in our garage. However, with the help of Willamette Valley Structures, your custom utility shed can be so much more. Let’s take a look at just four of the many different custom utility sheds we can build for you.

Auto Mechanic Corner

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, having your own area to work on your autos can be a dream come true. A custom utility shed can do this. Do you want to work on more than one car at a time? Will you need multiple outlets for the various mechanic tools you will be using? Do you need a floor strong enough to withstand the weight of a car and sturdy enough for you to use a lift? All of this is possible with a custom utility shed.

Carpentry Workspace

Carpentry work needs a completely different type of shed layout. From custom workbenches and tables, your utility shed can be built to accommodate the type of carpentry you enjoy doing. Power outlets, custom cabinetry, a paint room with proper ventilation, and wood storage lofts can keep your workspace functional and organized. Whether you work on large projects, like furniture, or smaller ones, such as unique picture frames, a custom utility shed can be built to accommodate all of your tools and space requirements.

Gardening Shed

Do you find gardening to be the perfect way to relax? Is your green thumb craving a place to call its own? A custom garden shed may be a great addition. Like a carpentry workshop, garden sheds need a unique set of workbenches. Adding a drop sink, faucet, and even and exterior spigot can help you keep your plants watered right there instead of sending you running back and forth to the house. If you plan on starting seeds early or even attempting to grow herbs during the winter, an added greenhouse panel can help. In fact, for a truly custom utility shed, greenhouse windows, roofing and paneling may be a great way to keep your green thumb happy all year long!

Storage Solution

Do you simply want a utility shed that safely stores your possessions? A custom utility shed can help keep your goods safe. Depending on the storage solution you are looking for, a custom shed can be tailored to make it efficient, well organized, and safe from the elements. Are you looking to store tools used for yard work? Or do you need a better way to store your camping gear when you’re not using it? How about all those holiday decorations you need throughout the year? Willamette Valley Structures can help you design, and build, a unique storage shed that will give you easy access to your items.