Painted Sheds Make for The Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

These days having a painted shed is not only convenient, they can actually add value to your property, complete the look of your yard, and look great in the process. Gone are the days of having to choose between having either the old flimsy, metal sheds or being stuck with the wooden monstrosity that your dad crafted from spare lumber. Today’s choices give homeowners the opportunity to add beauty and function to the backyard like never before.


Whatever your vision is for a customized shed, whether it’s for storage, outdoor office space, man cave or she shed – painted sheds offer the pop of color you’ve been looking for. Not only are painted sheds generally less expensive than vinyl alternatives, with numerous color combination choices you can match your shed perfectly to the home. Extending the look and feel of your home along with adding invaluable storage or additional space will definitely serve to enhance your vision for the property.


Painted Sheds are Aesthetically Attractive


Once you’ve picked out your custom color combination, just think about the awesome possibilities for augmenting it with flowers and other enhancements. Adding window boxes or a small bordering flower bed can make your painted shed pop even more. Utilizing rocks or other alternate landscaping ideas can make the space even more ‘you’ and with a tough exterior that resists cracking, splitting and warping, there are tons of things that you can do to customize your new space.


Painted sheds have that authentic wood look and with your color choice combinations you can either go for a retro-style look, or put together something completely unique and modern. Designed with functionality in mind and built to last, painted wood sheds are perfect for the weather conditions of Oregon and Washington.


We’ve Got You Covered


Whether you’re looking for a treated shed for weather sustainability, custom garages or expertly-crafted porches, Willamette Valley Structures will provide you with an addition that you can be proud of. We are a local, family owned and Mennonite-crafted portable storage solution provider with services throughout the Pacific Northwest and especially to the Greater Portland Area. We provide you efficient and affordable services that have you at the forefront of our minds while making your structure dreams a reality.