Overlooked Components in a Custom Garage

Building a garage does not have to be the cookie-cutter box we are all used to seeing. With the help of a skilled professional, like Willamette Valley Structures, your custom garage can be everything you dreamed and more! Check out some overlooked components we can help you with below.

Storage Solutions

Let’s start with the basics. We all use some portion, if not all, of our garage as a storage area. From camping tents to automotive supplies, garages are often act as our catch all storage bins. Sure, you could buy shelving units or stack totes on each other in the corner. But why do this? Willamette Valley Structures specializes in storage solutions. Custom shelving, racks, cabinetry, and loft spaces can give your garage a tailored look while still providing you with functional organization.

Access, Fresh Air and Lighting

Sometimes, we only think about the immediately necessary parts of building a garage. A side entrance door and garage door for each bay are the most common openings in a garage. However, custom features, like dormers or rear-garage doors, can increase airflow, natural lighting, aesthetics and functionality. For example, if your house sits towards the front of your property, leaving the majority of landscaping features in the rear, with little space around the sides, a rear garage door could provide a direct route into the back yard. This is particularly great for hauling loads of mulch, lumber for the kids’ eventual tree house, and more.

Materials and More

As you drive past properties, you might see a garage or shed that catches your eye but you are not quite sure why. This is common. Sometimes, it is all about the materials used to create a custom shed. For detached garages, matching them to your custom home can be the perfect way to blend them seamlessly into your property. Creating a theme that runs throughout all of the structures on your property is a simple, but often overlooked factor that increases curb appeal. But the exterior alone isn’t the only place where materials play a role. From custom molding to stamped concrete floors, your garage can be just as beautiful inside as it is outside.

Specialty Features

Your garage does not have to be just your designated storage facility. Plenty of people like to turn their garage into much more. Adding a custom bar, for example, can give you a great place to invite friends over for a social evening. Do you enjoy fixing cars during your downtime? Custom garages built to cater to the mechanic in you can give you the perfect place to fix that old Ford Mustang you’ve been eyeing down the street. Are you looking for a workshop space or new home office? A custom garage can give you that. Keep in mind, certain features may need various wiring or plumbing additions. Running cables to your personal garage lounge, for example, so you can stream Xbox live is important. Do you want a bathroom added so you don’t have to run inside during your workout? A custom garage can include that.