Interested in a Tiny House?

The tiny house trend is currently sweeping the world, and for good reason. More and more people from all age groups are deciding to enrich their lifestyle and downsize. From college graduates to retirees, the appeal of a micro house is growing.

Shrinking the square footage not only saves you money, but can truly help you gain more in life by allowing you to do the things you really love to do. Can tiny house living be for you? We’ll dive into the many benefits of going smaller and find out.

Saving Money & Gaining More Time for Fun Experiences

The obvious reason for someone to downsize to such a tiny house is to generally enjoy a bigger life. This allows you to save money, own fewer possessions and focus on life experiences and building relationships.

Many college students with loan debt can’t afford to buy a home. A tiny house which typically costs anywhere from $20-40k can be quite affordable. They are also a common choice for newly retirees looking to downsize. Smaller house equals smaller utility bills, which equals more money to spend on non materialistic things.

What to Consider Before Downsizing to a Tiny House

Not everyone is equipped to live in a tiny house. There are many things to consider before making the switch. Where will you put your home? Some find an open piece of land, while others choose to live in an RV park.

It’s important to decide whether your home will be staying put or will be rolling with you on the road. This ties into foundation; there are codes to building tiny houses and are strictly enforced. Your house needs to be able to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. This also allows you to plan for utility access. Where will you get your electricity or running water? What about sewage, disposal and internet?

Try Before You Buy

There are plenty of rental sheds houses, and vacation cabins to try on for size. Not all tiny houses are created equal. Consider the size and what kind of lifestyle you are going for. Some other tiny house owners recommend at least 100 square feet per person including any pets you might have.

If you are in the Oregon and Washington area, contact Willamette Valley Structures to get expert guidance to help you figure out your goals when it comes to tiny house living. We have custom sheds and garages perfect to create the ultimate tiny house. Some equipped with porches, some essential for loft living; you’ll find something ideal to make your dream of tiny house living come true.