How Shed Cabins Can Provide The Perfect Tiny Lifestyle

Imagine owning your very own home for less than $40,000! At Willamette Valley Structures we have multiple shed cabin options available to make your home ownership dreams come true. Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better and anyone living the tiny home lifestyle will tell you that small living offers many full-size benefits.


The advantages of tiny homes fit into three main categories: financial gains, environmental benefits and psychological benefits. While some buyers focus on one main benefit, others enjoy the full gamut of advantages that comes along with living in and owning a small home. Whether you’re simply ready to downsize or are just beginning your tiny home research, exploring the advantages and options will help you transition into the lifestyle.


Pros of Going Small


The financial advantages of tiny homes begin immediately with their cost-effective building methods. Understandably, it costs considerably less to build a tiny home than constructing a larger home. This lower cost gives individuals the opportunity for home ownership that might not otherwise be able to afford a house. They also appeal to young people who may have college debt or haven’t had the opportunity to save up the large down payment generally required for a traditional-sized home. The specific cost of a tiny shed depends on several factors, including the type of building, actual size, features and finishes but even selecting a ‘high end’ model will generally run you no more than $50,000. Compare that with the more than $350,000 average cost of a new full size home and you can easily see the immediate appealing financial advantages of shed homes.


A few other financial pros:

  • With limited space there are fewer appliances that you need to purchase.
  • Smaller amount of materials needed to cover surface area – including siding, flooring, windows and cabinets.
  • Less build time, resulting in lower labor costs.
  • No large, intricate foundation or basement.
  • Less space means reduced heating/cooling needs, resulting in lower utility bills.


Environmentally Friendly


A smaller home makes it easier to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your impact on the environment. Traditional homes have tons of wasted space, unlike tiny homes where every space has a purpose. And of course, because tiny homes require significantly less building materials the amount of natural resources used for the structure are considerably reduced. A shed home can also make it possible to use reclaimed or secondhand materials, further reducing the impact on the environment.


Life Friendly


The time and money that you save by living in a tiny home allows you to experience more in life. Low or no monthly payments on the home and lower utility payments free up a large portion of your income, while less maintenance and cleaning free up more of your time – giving you more money and free time to enjoy travel, time with family, extra vacations, or simply more local outings.


The tiny home lifestyle encourages owners to get out and be more active. Instead of sitting in a tiny room, many owners get out and enjoy the nature around them or pursue hobbies outside the home. Those experiences can lead to a much richer life that is focused on family and memories rather than on amassing a collection of immaterial ‘things.’


Come See Your New Shed Home


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