How Much Value Can a Prefabricated Shed Add to Your Home?

While some homeowners tend to get nervous at the word ‘custom,’ a prefabricated shed may be much more affordable than you realize. Read on to discover all the benefits you can enjoy with a new shed addition as we discuss the monetary value that a prefabricated shed adds to the home, as well as the additional benefits that you as a homeowner can enjoy.


Added Value of Prefab Sheds

Of course, adding a shed to your property instantly gives you the added value of, sometimes invaluable, storage space. Outbuildings such as garden sheds can either add or detract from the value of your home depending on a few factors. One quick side note, however, is that you’ll need to check your local ordinances to determine whether any permits are required, as well as check with your HOA for any requirements or restrictions on such structures and you’ll need to complete these steps in order to remove any sheds already on the property. You’ll be surprised at some of the ordinances and laws that are on the books throughout the state.

Professionally built small outbuildings such as storage sheds can add value to your home but a poorly designed or amateur DIY build can work the other way and detract actual value. Of course, a larger outbuilding in good condition, such as a detached garage or barn, will also add value to the home while a dilapidated building can drastically reduce it.

Basically, the outbuilding’s condition and functionality will determine whether it will increase or decrease the value of your home. A prospective buyer will want to know: Is it in good condition? How costly is it to maintain? If it’s in disrepair, how much will it be to remove or renovate? And does it have a well-defined use?

You should also note that if your prefabricated shed isn’t typical for similar homes in the area, it could decrease the value of your home. Examples of outbuildings that could decrease the value of your home are:

  • A large old shed in poor condition
  • A dilapidated barn
  • A poorly constructed woodshed
  • Any building that leaks
  • Unused buildings such as a chicken coop or large, shabby dog house.


In other words, if the shed or outbuilding is in need of extensive repair or has no obvious use, it can bring down the value of the property. Potential buyers will want it to be in good condition, have the correct permits, and have a well-defined purpose that goes with the style of the home. A decent-sized, well built and properly maintained building, especially one that matches the style, feel and look of the home, can increase the value of your home by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Let The Pros Handle It

If your prefabricated shed is professionally built and installed by the experts at Willamette Valley Structures, you can rest easy knowing that all laws and ordinances are strictly adhered to and the structure will be ready for decades of use. With our affordable prefabricate,d sheds you’ll not only gain the added value of that much-needed storage space, you can be assured that it will serve to increase the value of your property as well.