Build Your Custom Man Cave Today!

Let’s face it, every man needs a man cave. It’s easy to see the appeal: a man cave offers a place that is all your own; separate from your house, but a place that reflects you and your interests and is fully equipped with the most essential items that makes a man, a man.

Alone time is sometimes needed, and being able to escape to your very own custom man cave can make anyone’s dreams come true. There are many options on the market geared toward the specifics that are needed to create a man cave but Willamette Valley Structures located in Oregon and Washington, has everything you need and more.

Plenty of Styles & Colors to Choose From

Offering a plethora of styles, Willamette Valley Structures provides their treated sheds which have great space and are perfect for turning into a custom man cave. This model of shed blocks out moisture and locks in dryness, providing a clean space for a man cave.

Our painted sheds offer a pop of color, while proving to be tough with an exterior that does not crack, split or warp. To find more options visit our website for inspiring photos to turn these sheds into dream custom man caves.

Adding Decor & Furniture to Your Custom Man Cave

Once you have selected the perfect shed to turn into your custom man cave, you need to add decor. No man cave is complete without adding these items to feature your love for sports and personal style.

Everyone needs a recliner, whether in a custom man cave or not. It is a universal item perfect to add a homey feel. No man cave is complete without a TV. How else are you going to watch Sunday football and enjoy movies with your family?

Another must have for the man cave is a bar and fridge. This one is self explanatory. After all, no comfortable space is complete without snacks and beverages. You could also consider adding a pool table, ping pong table or darts in order to provide yourself and your friends with another form of entertainment.

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Extra seating will be needed. Try adding bar stools, a big couch or even movie theatre style seats. Just make sure they are equipped with cup holders!

Adding Personal Touches to Finish Your Man Cave

Personal touches are a great way to start conversations. Remember that big bass you caught last year on the big fishing trip? Show it off. Other impressive ideas might include trophies, accomplishments or sports memorabilia. This is your area to let yourself shine.