How Shed Cabins Can Provide The Perfect Tiny Lifestyle

Imagine owning your very own home for less than $40,000! At Willamette Valley Structures we have multiple shed cabin options available to make your home ownership dreams come true. Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn't always better and anyone living the tiny home lifestyle will tell you that small living offers many full-size benefits.   The advantages of tiny homes fit into three main categories: financial gains, environmental benefits and psychological benefits. While some buyers focus on one main benefit, others enjoy the full gamut of advantages that co
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The Benefits of Treated Wood Sheds

There are several things to consider when you're thinking about getting a new shed - With one of the main things being do you want a wood shed or a metal one? While both types have their advantages and many times it is simply a matter of personal preference, there are several benefits of treated wood sheds that may help you decide.   What are the Pros to Owning a Treated Wood Shed?   First and foremost, treated wood sheds generally look more appealing than a traditional metal shed. Many enjoy decorating them with flower boxes and potted plants, or an American flag flying over the door. Treated wood sheds are available with windows and shutters that can make the structure appear to be a perfe
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Build Your Custom Man Cave Today!

Let’s face it, every man needs a man cave. It’s easy to see the appeal: a man cave offers a place that is all your own; separate from your house, but a place that reflects you and your interests and is fully equipped with the most essential items that makes a man, a man. Alone time is sometimes needed, and being able to escape to your very own custom man cave can make anyone’s dreams come true. There are many options on the market geared toward the specifics that are needed to create a man cave but Willamette Valley Structures located in Oregon and Washington, has everything you need and
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Interested in a Tiny House?

The tiny house trend is currently sweeping the world, and for good reason. More and more people from all age groups are deciding to enrich their lifestyle and downsize. From college graduates to retirees, the appeal of a micro house is growing. Shrinking the square footage not only saves you money, but can truly help you gain more in life by allowing you to do the things you really love to do. Can tiny house living be for you? We’ll dive into the many benefits of going smaller and find out.

Saving Money & Gaining More Time for Fun Experiences

The obvious reason for someone to downsize to such a tiny house is to generally enjoy a bigger life. This allows
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