How Much Value Can a Prefabricated Shed Add to Your Home?

While some homeowners tend to get nervous at the word 'custom,' a prefabricated shed may be much more affordable than you realize. Read on to discover all the benefits you can enjoy with a new shed addition as we discuss the monetary value that a prefabricated shed adds to the home, as well as the additional benefits that you as a homeowner can enjoy.   Added Value of Prefab Sheds Of course, adding a shed to your property instantly gives you the added value of, sometimes invaluable, storage space. Outbuildings such as garden sheds can either add orRead More

The Pros of Owning a Prefabricated Shed

If you have a lot of tools, lawn equipment, and other belongings, a shed is a great option to choose for storage. While you can buy or build your own shed, there are some significant advantages to purchasing a prefabricated shed that you should be aware of. So join us today as we discuss the pros of prefab versus building your own shed.   Disadvantages of Building a Shed While you have maximum control over the design when you build your own shed, having a professional complete the project can be costly and time-consuming. Generally, professional installers have multiple projects going on at the same time and they simply may not fully dedicate themselves to your particular project. While you may well
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The Tiny Home Trend Continues with Tiny Sheds

Today more and more people across Washington and Oregon are considering downsizing their homes to get the most out of life. Tiny homes are affordable and appealing to a growing number of enthusiasts for several reasons in addition to downsizing, but their use as tiny sheds is also gaining a loyal following because they offer the same benefits with a few added perks. Read on to learn more!   Shed Cabin Benefits   Of course purchasing a tiny house with Willamette Valley Structures means that you can own your very own home for less than you ever d
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Painted Sheds Make for The Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

These days having a painted shed is not only convenient, they can actually add value to your property, complete the look of your yard, and look great in the process. Gone are the days of having to choose between having either the old flimsy, metal sheds or being stuck with the wooden monstrosity that your dad crafted from spare lumber. Today’s choices give homeowners the opportunity to add beauty and function to the backyard like never before.   Whatever your vision is for a customized shed, whether it’s for storage, outdoor office space, man cave or she shed - painted sheds offer the pop of color you've been looking for.
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